Congupna Primary School uses the E5 Instructional Teaching model in order to engage students in their learning. Teachers aim to Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate in all teaching and learning tasks that they design. This encourages our students to participate at the beginning of a topic and to explore and ask their own questions before teachers give them the tools to find their own answers. This methodology promotes ‘hands-on’ learning, using collaborative learning teams and promoting of student autonomy.

Students participate in a number of ‘hands-on’ learning activities including designing, planting and maintaining the school vegetable gardens, harvesting the gardens and designing and delivering meals in the kitchen, using the sensory garden as an outdoor classroom, using our Sporting Schools program to complement our physical education curriculum, attending and participating in environmental science excursions, attending student wellbeing cluster days, attending indigenous education cluster days, providing an eight-day annual swimming program, participating in the Life Education program and combining with Cluster schools to offer shared camps for Grade 3/4 and 5/6 students respectively each year.

The school also aims to engage local families by providing opportunities such as participation in our four school soccer sides, The Congupna Cruzers, participation in an Auskick program and offering a parent-led Playgroup here at school. The Parents and Friends group also helps cater for the local Football/Netball club while raising much appreciated funds for our school.

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