Classroom Update 4/5/6

The Solar Boat Challenge is on again and the senior room is again participating with a goal to get more technical.  With the guidance of Tony Uniacke, the class are using his expertise to shape their boats into streamlined shapes. The boats start out as a block of foam and are cut using the hot wire.


The use of a special solar panel to measure the strength of the sun shall give the  student’s the ability to change the size of the propeller to adjust to the conditions. This should give the students more data to crunch to get the best from their boats.


This year our team names are:


The Sea Smashers

Warrior Power

Danger Zone

Sea Shockers

Students were asked: How do you find the Solar Boat Challenge?


Mason: “It’s pretty fun because you get to work as a team”


Josh R: “Fun and I enjoy the building of our boat”


Charlotte: “It’s fun to build your very own solar boat.”