Classroom Update: Grade 2/3

Firstly we would like to wish our great mate Lachie Clark a speedy recovery, we look forward to seeing your smiling face back in our classroom!


Last week we had some visitors to our room from The Red Cross. We had some great discussions about leaving in a  hurry if there is an emergency and what we would need to take with us.  Each of us got to colour in/decorate a pillow slip, as you can see there are some wonderful artists in our room.


In STEM we have been using iPads to program robots to navigate our maze.  Everyone has loved this task and have been producing some fantastic results. 


Yesterday we did our Big Write, and information report on our school.  The results were terrific, here are just a few snippets!


“STEM is a place to learn how to code.  You code robots on iPads and some robots you can scan a bar code and it will do a code like follow the black line.” (Amaia)


“Out the front workers are building a state of the art STEM laboratory. Mrs Woolley teaches Lego robotics in STEM” (Deacon)


“Congupna also has chickens and guinea pigs, they are so cute! The chickens eat fruit scraps, the guinea pigs eat grass.” (Leigh)


Apolgies there is no photos, they were not co-operating! You can find them in this weeks newsletter.


Ms Loveridge